Whether you are just starting to ride a motorcycle need to buy a helmet or old helmet too broken to change a new, I’ll tell you how to pick the right helmet.In the helm before you first have to figure out the size of his head, the best way is to use the ruler of the amount, through the amount of eyebrows above the head of the widest place to get the results

If there is no suitable ruler on hand, then find the root rope and then the length of the rope, and then go to the size of the table to find their own size.If your size is between the two sizes, then choose the small one.

To remember that each manufacturer’s helmet shape and size are not the same, pick the size of the wear on the try, hold the helmet of the tape, in accordance with the order from the front to wear the helmet.

I know it looks like a very simple detail, but you do not know how many people I have seen is to put the helmet hard on the head, push the helmet forward, do not get right, the next step The helmet is shaking up and down, and your head will shake with the helmet, and wear it as much as possible, and often see the customer wearing a helmet in the store. Just as often see the motorcycle editor sitting in front of the table to test the new equipment the same.

Can now take the helmet down, his face there is no red dot or head where there is no pain, if a short time try to wear this will be so long when driving trouble may be big.If the other is good, there may be Your head shape and helmet different, to try other brands it, find the right so far.


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