1:From the surface!

If your helmet still left the last trip to kill the small insects, then I suggest you better deal with him. The best way is to use a few pieces of kitchen paper (not really, you can use a cleat), and then put the wet paper in a small insect where the place, half an hour later you will find that most of the dirt Foam relaxation. Of course, if there are stubborn little guys do not want to come down, you can repeat the above steps.

2:Make sure your line of sight is clear

Cleaning goggles is not just a goggles without small insects. Now the best way is to rinse the lens with warm water, while washing the side of the lens to wipe each corner of the lens, under the lubrication of the water, the lens will not be scratched and easier to be cleaned, pay attention to the lens before the installation of dry, Install the appropriate amount of lubricant in the installation location.

3:To ensure that the lens does not fog (for the original anti-fog film)

Periodically check the replacement pin lock, clean the mask (using water, can not wipe the fog block “pinlock” without lubrication). Check and ensure that the edge of the pin is tight enough to seal. Rotary pin lock can adjust the tension of the fog sheet, this step fertilizer K recommended every 3 months to check once. If you can insert a piece of paper between the lens and the antifogging film, then I suggest you better tighten the pin lock.

4:Clean the helmet of the liner

If you have never cleaned your helmet liner, you can only say: “I served U”, when you clean your liner, you will be surprised to find a lot of things ran out, the body of various insects, or mud Sand and so on. They will breed bacteria, so if you can, please try to come out frequently to wash.

5:Choose the right cleaning agent

It is recommended that you use two kinds of cleaning agents for your helmet liner cleaning. The traditional method is baby shampoo, gentle shampoo on the liner material will not have any damage, it will not leave any nasty residue. But as a mature father, we can not always so “steal” home BABY shampoo to use, so recommend another product, blue moon neutral detergent liquid. You can do so, in a sink filled with warm water, pour the cleaning agent, stir evenly into the liner full of infusion for 10 minutes, rubbing, cold water thoroughly washed until you can not see the drum, squeeze excess Of the water (you can use the dryer), naturally dry until completely dry.