Due to the special structure of the motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to fall the impact of the situation occurred, the most serious injury is the head, because the head is in the highest and most prominent position, leading to the head is often the first landing or impact vehicles and other objects, And the head in the event of a car accident, often can not withstand the great power caused by a car accident. Studies have shown that the use of helmets can greatly reduce the mortality rate, so that the car accident to minimize the damage to people.

1:The importance of helmets

Motorcycle drivers and riders in the absence of wearing a helmet, the body parts of the highest probability of injury is the head, accounting for about 64.8%, the head injury is mainly skull fracture and brain contusion. Almost all of the death, the disabled head were injured, and is fatal. According to the results of the study show that: do not wear a helmet head damage rate is wearing a helmet 2.5 times, fatal not wearing a helmet is wearing a helmet 1.5 times. This fully shows that the helmet has a very clear protective effect. So for the rider, a good helmet is equivalent to life protection.

Helmet has been able to protect life, is that it is a high safety performance, so in the R & D production process to go through a series of extreme conditions of the test, each high-quality helmets have to withstand the wind tunnel, temperature, humidity test.

2:How to choose a suitable helmet

First of all, in the purchase of helmets, you should think about what kind of helmet for your own? If the helmet in accordance with the naming of foreign English way, is divided into Full Face full cover, Jet face, Semi Jet half face, Half half cover, off the wild helmet. But most of the more popular argument is the helmet, 3/4 helmet and half helmet and cross the wild helmet. The helmet is the name of the common car with a helmet, the head all wrapped, with the highest protection; and 3/4 helmet in the protection and comfort are the most general performance; half helmet helmet protection of the worst, but With the best comfort and convenience; cross-wild helmet common in the motorcycle cross-country race, modeling is very popular.